1. I feel like I need to preface this by saying I am in no way trying to steal anyone’s thunder and I am in no way going to be as good at this as K was…

    So…IF I were to put up a survey, say tomorrow, what kind of questions are you DYING to ask people but you just won’t do it?


  2. I never really participated in Sip N Bitch, but after the insane wrap party we had last night, I’m SO curious if some of the things I learned about my coworkers apply to any of you…and I wish it were still a thing.

  3. A couple of nights ago, I basically nailed my philosophy on most things in life: not super into it, but reward me and I’ll at least show up.


  4. I signed up for AIM today for the first time in my life, so basically what I’m saying is I’m now as cool as all of you were in junior high.


  5. I’m going to need an ice bucket challenge of my own if those Nick Jonas pictures keep popping up…got dayummmm.


  6. I know people are complaining about how hot it is in LA right now and you’re probably sick of hearing it, but a TRASH CAN JUST CAUGHT ON FIRE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.

    I repeat: it is so hot that a TRASH CAN JUST CAUGHT ON FIRE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.

    ETA: it is currently 109°.


  7. Someone told me I have “amazing energy” and that I am “so supportive of people” and “a joy to be around” and I’m like on this LIFE HIGH because that’s such a nice thing to say and so the opposite of how I feel most days.