1. It’s go time 💁💁💁

  2. A+++ first Bat Mitzvah experience this weekend at the San Francisco Design Center. It was Andy Warhol themed and they pulled out all the stops.

    I was joking with the mom about how she should have probably set the bar a little lower to manage their younger daughter’s expectations. Without skipping a beat, she told me they are thinking of renting out AT&T Park for hers. Oh, you Kanye now?

    Anyway, if you can handle my mindless drivel for another 4 years, I’ll update you as to if that’s what really goes down!

    ETA: her name is Campbell - hence the Andy Warhol theme. Not a soup party.
  3. Starting a new series called “Megan eating bread.”

    Ride or die for carbs.


  4. My mom went to the Verizon store today and my brother was texting me that she was having a conversation with the sales rep about dynamite fishing and I had no idea why she was so fascinated with throwing dynamite into a lake and calling it fishing and apparently after 15 minutes he finally told her that her account on the game wouldn’t transfer over so she is refusing to get a new phone.

    My mom.

    Won’t get a new phone.

    Because of a game.

    Called Dynamite Fishing.


  5. "You are so judgmental! You’re perfect for this job."
    — I pride myself on the EP telling me this today.
  6. I sah-wear this isn’t becoming a food blog, but my snacking is on point today.


  7. I swear I’m not coming back to post about Panera all the damn time, but it’s worth mentioning how judgy they are when I ask for mac and cheese with a side of bread.

    Like, do you think I got this body by taking the apple?