1. kiss-distinctly-american:


    Like sorry, though, West Coast. Ya ain’t got shit on apples.

    I will die by your side on the hill of East Coast Apple Supremacy, Kels.


    (via megwhat)


  2. PS - DJ took that photo.

    Because, um…did I mention we are working on this show together?!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged for these things before, so the-elle-em just made my life.

    And wouldn’t you know: my most recent photo is from lunchtime today. And it’s me…eating bread. The “Megan eating bread” photo series has become my new favorite thing. I jokingly told my coworker I have a food blog -LOLnope.

    Since I rarely am on during the days lately, I have no idea who has been tagged…so do this anyway! Especially if your most recent photo is this ridiculous!

    (I might cheat and grab my laptop and tag a ton of people in a bit - WILD Friday night in LA!)

  4. Hey friends! I swear I’m not going to be an annoying person who only posts about the shows I am working on, but this one is near and dear to my heart - it offers a life-changing opportunity to deserving couples, and maybe someone you know could use it!
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    I would LOVE if you could share this information – it could easily help one of your coworkers, relatives, or friends!

    We will be holding casting calls in CHICAGO on 9/6, PHILADELPHIA and DALLAS on 9/13, and LOS ANGELES on 9/20.

    You can have anyone who is interested contact me directly at meganiscasting@gmail.com – I’m available to discuss the show more in-depth and answer any questions that come up!
  5. A+++ first Bat Mitzvah experience this weekend at the San Francisco Design Center. It was Andy Warhol themed and they pulled out all the stops.

    I was joking with the mom about how she should have probably set the bar a little lower to manage their younger daughter’s expectations. Without skipping a beat, she told me they are thinking of renting out AT&T Park for hers. Oh, you Kanye now?

    Anyway, if you can handle my mindless drivel for another 4 years, I’ll update you as to if that’s what really goes down!

  6. Starting a new series called “Megan eating bread.”

    Ride or die for carbs.


  7. My mom went to the Verizon store today and my brother was texting me that she was having a conversation with the sales rep about dynamite fishing and I had no idea why she was so fascinated with throwing dynamite into a lake and calling it fishing and apparently after 15 minutes he finally told her that her account on the game wouldn’t transfer over so she is refusing to get a new phone.

    My mom.

    Won’t get a new phone.

    Because of a game.

    Called Dynamite Fishing.