1. Today is Carter’s 30th birthday, so naturally we threw her an 80’s-themed surprise party.


  2. I know people are complaining about how hot it is in LA right now and you’re probably sick of hearing it, but a TRASH CAN JUST CAUGHT ON FIRE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.

    I repeat: it is so hot that a TRASH CAN JUST CAUGHT ON FIRE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.

    ETA: it is currently 109°.


  3. Someone told me I have “amazing energy” and that I am “so supportive of people” and “a joy to be around” and I’m like on this LIFE HIGH because that’s such a nice thing to say and so the opposite of how I feel most days.


  4. Not to get all preachy…

    …but I keep getting REALLY disappointed when a post pops up in my dash that is victim-blaming or body-shaming in nature from people I typically really like.

    Do better. Be better. Until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you have NO IDEA what their journey has entailed.

    Basically, just don’t be a dick


  5. Winner(s) Winner(s) Chicken Dinner(s)



    I put all the likes, comments, and disqus comments into an excel sheet and used random.org as the generator…and this is where the universe is just the best sometimes: the four winners all like different mugs, so everyone gets their first choice!

    aglitteryworld - Basically just waiting to go home and take off my pants.

    julie-sparkles - Everything will be okay (OMG everything is fucked).

    citysoliloquy - It’s too early for you to say things.

    irish-mexi - You can do it! Shut up, mug.

    Email me your address and I’ll get in the mail as soon as possible.

  6. igotfeldup:

    Well, that went pretty much how I figured it would…so same deal as last time.

    • I’m not affiliated with Emily McDowell in any way other than being a huge fan of her work. I mean, full-full disclosure: I got called for an interview there, but I was already working in TV so I basically cried into my pillow because DREAM JOB.
    • I will be buying the mugs with my own cash-money. I’ll get them in the mail to you ASAP. We are in the middle of our casting tour around the country (Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, LA), so you’ll definitely have it by the end of the month - but don’t hold me to next day shipping. Basically just don’t be a dick. I like doing nice shit for people - don’t fuck that up.
    • You don’t have to follow to “win” - not into that. Just comment your favorite mug and I’ll do a drawing.
    • I’ll post the winners at 10a on Wednesday, September 10.
    • If you win, send me a message with your address.
    • If you work somewhere that would frown upon you having a mug that says “fucked” on it, let me know.

    Reblogging for the Monday crowd (you’ll have to go back to the original post to comment).

    OH! If you’re new to me or can’t comment for whatever reason, just comment your favorite in my ask box or in the comments.


  7. *PSA*911*V Important Discovery*

    Costco sells Panera Mac and Cheese in TUBS now.